PTW Riders: improving safety and reducing casualties and collisions

As all road safety professionals know, PTW riders are at a significantly higher risk of being involved in fatal or serious road injury collision than other road users.

DfT figures show that in 2018, some 354 PTW riders were killed on roads across Great Britain.

In the same year there were 6,199 killed and seriously injured PTW casualties and more than 16,700 total casualties. This equates to a casualty rate of 5,674 per billion miles - compared to 223 among car occupants.

While PTWs comprise less than 1% of all motor vehicle traffic, tragically their riders account for 20% of all road deaths.

At this conference all the key stakeholder organisations in the PTW sector will be invited to outline what they are currently doing to help reduce collisions and casualties among riders - and what they think road safety practitioners should be doing to achieve the same aim.

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