Chief Constable Nick Adderley, Northamptonshire Police & National Police Chiefs' Council

Nick Adderley joined the police service in 1992 following a successful career in the Royal Navy.

As a serving officer in Cheshire he performed most ranks and roles up to and including that of superintendent.

After a two-year spell working at the Home Office, Nick transferred to Greater Manchester Police and was soon promoted to the rank of chief superintendent, taking command of the Tameside division followed by the City of Manchester division.

In 2015, he successfully completed the Strategic Command Course and was promoted to assistant chief constable in Staffordshire.

In July 2018 he assumed his current post of chief constable of Northamptonshire Police.

CC Adderley is also the National Police Chiefs' Council lead for disclosure and safeguarding as well as police motorcycling and the criminal use of motorcycles.

He is a qualified counter-terrorism commander, strategic firearms commander and CBRN commander.

Presentation: Passport to a full licence – destinations a rider could visit on the journey that lasts a lifetime
Nick Adderley has an ambitious vision to bring together key elements of engagement, training and safety provision for motorcyclists in the creation of a passport type approach whereby to obtain full licence status, riders would need to have undertaken specific activity to prove riding competence, social responsibility and an ability to manage the wellbeing of themselves or a fellow rider should a collision occur.

In its embryonic stage at present, this vision will see the formal tie-in of BikeSafe, BikerDown, DocBike and advanced training provision - all working in unison towards the common goals of increased use of PTWs by higher skilled and proficient riders.