Colin Brown, Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, Motorcycle Action Group

Colin Brown is Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement for the Motorcycle Action Group. Riding motorcycles since the late 1980s, Colin has taken all the advanced training available and been immersed in motorcycle road safety work for many years, as well as having first-hand experience of how much pain is involved in getting it wrong. “The milk float escaped without injury, sadly, I did not”.

Describing himself as an observer and critic rather than a practitioner of road safety, Colin strives to bring a creative approach to the difficult questions.

Presentation: How do we deliver Safety in Numbers?
The Motorcycle Action Group has published research proving that the concept of Safety in Numbers, widely accepted in the world of cycling safety, applies equally to motorcycling.

Given the potential to reduce the risks for individual riders, Colin Brown explores the barriers to increasing the number of riders on the road and the hidden benefits of overcoming these hurdles that bear the patina of age, prejudice and failed attempts.