Heidi Duffy MBE, Facilitator, Shiny Side Up Partnership and National Young Rider Forum

Heidi Duffy MBE began her journey into the road casualty reduction world as a police officer with Nottinghamshire Police in the late seventies. Nottinghamshire County Council's road safety department and then Nottingham City's road safety team introduced her to the ‘E’ for education, replacing the ‘E’ for enforcement.

In 2001 the long arm of the law led her back to Nottinghamshire Police as a traffic management officer where she learnt the wonders of collision investigation and the magic of the ‘E’ for engineering. In 2007 Heidi became the force lead on road casualty reduction and added the ‘E’ for engagement and enthusiasm, as she worked with partners on projects such as ‘Fatal 4’ (which Heidi ‘invented’), Shiny Side Up, Bare Bones and the Pedestrian Safety Partnership.

Heidi took early retirement in 2017 and was appointed the facilitator of Shiny Side Up Partnership in 2018 and then the National Young Rider Forum in 2019. Heidi has volunteered in the fatal & serious collision unit at Nottinghamshire Police for the last 2.5 years and assists officers in their investigations.

Presentation: The new kid on the block!
In this presentation Heidi Duffy will outline the work of the long-established Shiny Side Up Partnership, and the recently formed National Young Rider Forum - the new kid on the block!

The Shiny Side Up Partnership (SSUP) was set up in 2002 in response to a fatal motorcycle figure of 26 riders in one year in the Nottinghamshire Police area. Worryingly, there seemed to be little response from the road safety community to this high level of tragedy, so SSUP was set up to address the issues from all angles - rider, driver, trainer and road safety professional.

The SSUP posters is now its USP. ‘Think Bike’, ‘Bends Dead Ahead’, ‘To Die For?’, ‘Filter with Care’, ‘Turning Check Mirrors’ & ‘Bike Crash Site’ can be seen across many roads in all areas of the country.

These posters are placed at locations or along routes using actual RTC evidence which treats the road/route according to the type of collision that has occurred there. Motorcyclists (and other road users) know that where these signs are placed, a motorcyclist has been killed or seriously injured.

SSUP’s ‘Think Bike’ vehicle sticker has been given out to at least 500,000 road users along with ‘Think Bike’ snoods and ‘Filter with Care/Think Bike’ key rings.

The emergence of the commuter riders featuring heavily in RTC injury stats saw the idea of a ‘Think Bike’ backpack that could be used by riders to carry personal belongings to work, while highlighting the rider and reminding the drivers following to ‘Think Bike’. Over 10,000 backpacks have been distributed to motorcyclists across the East Midlands and they are still very much in demand and being worn daily on riders' commutes.

The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) started in Derbyshire in February 2019 and has been splendidly supported by Derbyshire County Council and the Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership. It is the first forum to specifically look at young riders aged 16-24 years who ride motorbikes of less than 125cc. The forum is a national group and brings together a wonderful diversity of road safety professionals and other stakeholders including MCIA, MAG, fire & rescue national motorcycle lead, DVSA, police forces, fire & rescue and local authority road safety leads from across the country.

In just four meetings the NYRF has refreshed, reprinted and distributed the Bare Bones 2 leaflet, split the Bare Bones 2 DVD into more useable chunks for use on social media, and has commenced work on an exciting research project, ‘Understanding who young riders are’.

The NYRF is charged with energy and enthusiasm, layered with extensive knowledge and hands-on engagement with young riders - and as such has the potential to become a leading road safety forum in the future.