Dr Jeremy Leach

Dr Jeremy Leach has been interested in human behaviour and what makes us tick for as long as he can remember.  That interest was heightened when he became an Environmental Health Practitioner in the late 1970’s and has not diminished since; indeed, he decided to take a degree in Psychology to take his interest to the next level.

Jeremy has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, which he gained from the University of Brighton in collaboration with King’s College, London.  In addition he has studied for and gained, post graduate certificates in Research Methodology and Social Marketing (with distinction) also from the University of Brighton.

He is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Royal Society for Public Health.  He is an active member of the local road safety action group which has the aim of reducing road collisions and improving road safety.

Presentation: Driving behaviour change on rural roads in East Sussex
The Wealden District in East Sussex, which is predominantly rural, has been rated as the fifth most dangerous area in the Country for young male drivers.  This group of road users are disproportionally represented in the serious collision statistics.

Analysis of the data reveals that 95% of serious collisions are caused by behavioural factors.  The presenter has undertaken a social marketing study amongst young male drivers in the area and used insights from this piece of work, along with insights from the behavioural sciences, to develop an intervention using road side signs.

Initial pilot tests involving roadside testing using covert traffic monitoring devices have shown encouraging results, as has a self-completed questionnaire with over 1300 respondents, 92% of whom said the signs would influence their behaviour positively.  This presentation will talk the audience through the development of this project, provide results to date and how it is being developed further and to be rolled out across East Sussex.