Dr Suzy Charman, Executive Director, Road Safety Foundation 

Dr Suzy Charman has a degree and PhD in Psychology. After her studies, Suzy started her career as a Human Factors consultant at QinetiQ with a specialism in visual search and aviation security. In 2005, Suzy joined EuroRAP and, over the coming years, led the programme of work that resulted in the establishment of iRAP.

In 2009 Suzy joined TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) as a principal road safety specialist, and quickly progressed to become TRL’s head of international road safety. During this time Suzy was also appointed a trustee of the Transport Charity Transaid.

Through her work at TRL, Suzy led a number of high profile projects including writing road safety strategies and action plans for several counties overseas. At the Road Safety Foundation, Suzy has supported around 35 local authorities in applying the iRAP approach mostly to rural roads through the Safer Roads Fund. She has also been involved in supporting Highways England in their application of the iRAP approach across the Strategic Road Network. Suzy oversees the UK risk mapping exercise undertaken by the Road Safety Foundation every year.

Presentation: Making the investment case for improving safety on Rural Roads
The Road Safety Foundation (RSF) is responsible for managing the EuroRAP programme in the UK to deliver the Roads Assessment Programme.

The RAP programme aims to reduce death and serious injury through a programme of systematic assessment of risk, identifying the major shortcomings that can be addressed by practical road improvement measures. This presentation will detail the process, how to identify areas of high risk and how these could be addressed.